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I remember when in high school my friends and I were asked to develop a science project about fear and phobias. I learned a lot of Greek since most of the “phobia” words came from that language. One of the rarest was “gelotophobia” or fear of being laughed at.

Gelotophobia is exactly what I’m feeling since this is my very first post written completely in english. However, my will to send a message to a wider range of entrepreneurs located anywhere in the world is much stronger than my fear. I’ve seen an increasing entrepreneurial community following my post in regions like Nigeria, India or even China. I needed to start posting for them as well. 

It amazes me how entrepreneurs are blind to frontiers, languages or cultural barriers. We all try to communicate and network even though it is COVID time or we live 15,000 kilometers apart. With technology, It’s a small world after all!

To reduce my phobia a little bit, I invited the marvelous Marvis to join my team and help me with content creation and of course correct my English (he is not responsible for this particular post though). These couple of weeks working with him have proven to me that when people share a dream, there is no need to meet in person. He is an amazing 16 year old Nigerian entrepreneur, who approached my Facebook profile seeking to expand his international connections. I felt very proud but also it made me think about the responsibility we all have when sharing content. That was nice, but also fed my gelotophobia.

I will try my best to focus my content to enable an international network of entrepreneurs just as Marvis, Betty or myself. Use as many languages as I can to make everyone feel comfortable sharing their opinions, and working as a meeting point for global networking hunters. 

I hope the audience will be patient with my grammar and don’t just laugh at me.

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