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The perks of being a (startup) CEO

It’s 11:40 pm. This, perhaps, has been one of the busiest weeks of my life. So much is going on and so much is about to change in the startup I run. Taking  care of taxes, investments, and selling strategies for the new year is quite challenging. Add to the equation, a very loving but yet demanding, family life. 

My experience as a startup CEO has been quite empirical. Before launching my business, I only had one previous job completely unrelated. So I’ve mastered my learning-by-doing skills and learned how to deal with my mistakes with philosophy. 

However, there are certain advantages that I can recall about being a startup CEO. Here is my top 3:

3. Networking and PR: Meeting a big company’s CEO, participating in an industry panel or even grabbing the spotlight in magazines, is a privilege that under a traditional career path may take longer. Whichever the future of your startup will be, the experience of running a startup will boost your professional look and will push your name one or two positions above in a Google search. 

2. Free and VERY intensive lessons on finance: I’ve found that running a small company which demands your fast decisions is the best school someone interested in business can get. I’ve compared my empirical knowledge with those graduated from Ivy Leagues and geez! Being in the battlefield does give you a different perspective. 

1. You’ll become your own best friend: This is by far the greatest gift I’ve ever received from my job. I’ve learned to be patient with myself when I go wrong, to be my own partner in crime, but above all, I’ve learned to be honest to myself. Clearing my mind and being able to pursue the things I really believe in, is the reason why I love my job.

How many of my readers really love what they do? Not only professionally, but also in the most personal aspects of their lives. For those who don’t, perhaps it is time to run a startup.

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